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Medical Services

Veterinary Services with Your Pet in Mind

Haile Plantation Animal Clinic is staffed by a carefully selected team of veterinarians. We’ve worked hard to build a caring and capable family of veterinary staff to meet all of your pet’s needs. Our clinic is completely modern and incorporates the latest medical technology. We perform many of our surgical procedures, including declaw surgery, using trusted C02 laser technology. Surgical lasers help seal nerve endings and blood vessels, drastically reducing pain, blood loss, and recovery time.

Does your pet suffer from arthritis? Our arthritis treatment program uses state-of-the-art, non-surgical therapeutic lasers to stimulate the release of pain-blocking neurochemicals, providing your pet with welcomed pain relief. Therapeutic lasers can also be used to reduce inflammation and speed recovery time by stimulating growth in wounded tissue. Your pet’s laser therapy sessions will be very similar to a massage appointment, but only takes a few minutes. The procedure is not only painless and free from side effects, but is soothing and relaxing with quick results.

To help ensure the safe return of a lost pet, we recommend to microchip all pets. The microchip insertion is similar to a routine vaccination, and afterwards we will complete your pet’s registration in the national online database. Pets are provided with a collar tag, which will immediately identify them if they get lost. This tag will direct the person who finds your pet to contact the 24-hour hotline. If your pet’s tag is missing or has been removed, your pet can still be identified using the information contained on the microchip. Once contacted, the hotline matches the tag or microchip information to the database and immediately contacts you so your pet can be re-united with you as soon as possible.

At Haile Plantation Animal Clinic, we also offer in-house X-ray and ultrasound imaging, which allows us to diagnose many diseases and conditions in a non-invasive and painless way. The X-ray images are reviewed the same day by an off-site board certified radiologist.

When transition from life decisions are made, we will help make the process as calm and stress free as possible with in home euthanasia so that your pet can be at peace with you during that time.

Haile Plantation Animal Clinic is here to support happy relationships with healthy pets. We’re committed to helping your pets live their best life, and to working together with you to create a foundation of good health for the animals you love. Our comprehensive pet wellness approach begins at home with a proper diet, exercise, and a harmonious behavioral relationship. Pet wellness also includes checkups at the clinic twice a year, preventive care, and early diagnosis and treatment. Our veterinary staff will help you design a pet wellness plan that fits your lifestyle and protects your pet against serious health conditions.

Our clinic offers these services: