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Preventative Care

Preventative Veterinary Oral and Dental Health Care

preventative careYour pet’s oral and dental health is extremely important, yet often overlooked. Dental disease doesn’t affect just your pet’s mouth. It can lead to more serious health problems, including heart, kidney, and liver disease. Statistics show that preventing diseases with regular dental checkups can extend your pet’s life expectancy by two to four years.
Our best assessment of your pet’s oral health will most likely occur while your pet is sedated during a dental cleaning as they often will not allow a very thorough look while awake. Similar to a human dentist, your pet’s teeth will be evaluated to check for periodontal pockets, gum erosion, root exposure, and fractures, which may lead to tooth extractions. Remember, your pet cannot tell you about a painful tooth and may avoid eating only when many teeth are affected.

Like all of our services, dental and oral checkups and treatment are tailored exclusively to the needs of your pet and take the animal’s age, size, breed, and health into account. We offer a complete dental check as part of our routine health exams.

We use digital dental radiograph technology when assessing the dental care needs of our patients. As there is no need for developing, radiographs are completed in just five seconds, drastically reducing the amount of time your pet spends under anesthesia. Because the radiographs are digital images, they can be filtered and magnified as necessary, providing greater information and eliminating the need for additional X-rays. Radiographs may be used to detect an underlying disease that, while not readily apparent, may be causing your pet pain.

Please call our office for an appointment if you notice tartar build-up, a change in eating habits, bad breath, or chipped teeth.

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After Dental Cleaning